The Perfect Pool Design to Fit Your Family’s Needs

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Adding a pool can be a big decision for a family.  At Greenville Pool & Supply, we want to be sure that your pool design choices reflect what is best for your family.  Check out some common pool design ideas below to see if they fit your needs!

The Perfect Pool Design to Fit Your Family’s Needs

  • Add a Baja shelf: Installing a Baja shelf in the shallow end can add the perfect spot for lounging.  It can accommodate lounge chairs to provide the ultimate place for sunning or provide a shallow enough space for young children to play with water toys.  Even with the addition of the shelf, there will still be plenty of deep-water space for adults and older children to enjoy swimming.
  • Choose an original shape: A pool design by no means has to be square or round. Instead, work with what you have and choose the pool design shape that best fits your area.  A pool design can be planned around current decking, shrubbery, and outdoor seating areas.  Take the time to analyze your space and make it work to your advantage!
  • Build near an outdoor dining area: Obtain the ultimate pool experience using what you already have.  You can build your pool near your outdoor dining space to get the most for your money.  Outdoor entertaining will reach a whole new level of fun, and you can add amenities like an outdoor bar or dressing area to decrease foot traffic inside your home.

No matter the pool design you have in mind, we can help you design the pool of your dreams!