Pool Supplies You Should Always Have on Hand

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Pools provide a ton of family fun but require some maintenance.  Understanding which pool supplies will best serve you when keeping your pool sparkling clean is excellent information for a pool owner to have:

  • A water testing kit: A water testing kit is a must-have when it comes to pool supplies. Water testing is an essential part of owning a pool, and regular water testing will let you know which chemicals you need to add to keep your pool in top shape.  Failure to test water can result in harmful bacteria and algae growth.

Pool Supplies You Should Always Have on Hand

  • Pool Shock: Did you know your pool water shouldn’t smell like anything?  It may be time to shock your pool if it smells foul.  This surge of chemicals sanitizes your pool and ensures your water is clean. In addition, shocking your pool kills any harmful bacteria and algae blooms you may have. You’ll also need to shock your pool after a significant water level change, a large amount of rainfall, or any accident involving bodily fluids.
  • A pool skimmer: A pool skimmer, also known as a leaf net, is perfect for scooping out leaves, toys, and other debris that may have fallen into your pool. Pool skimmers come on a retractable handle, making retrieving hard-to-reach items a breeze.

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